GB MBA(Global Business)

We make global leaders, we make differences
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GB MBA(Global Business)
Global Business Master Business Administration


Our GB MBA program aims to enhance students’ business-related knowledge both theoretically and practically.  

We offer a wide variety of courses in all fields of business administration, including finance, accounting, management, marketing, MIS, and operation management. By taking diverse and flexible courses, students can amplify their learning for theories, research methods, and/or practices in relevant domains not only in Korean business markets, but from the international perspectives. We aim to raise competitive international human capital by providing students with critical skills as interconnectivity between theories and business environments.

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Learning Goals

  • Providing students with the ability to identify and explain business-related concepts and problems
  • Promoting students’ analytic and problem-solving skills in the applications of theories to business decision-making practices
  • Enhancing students’ understanding of fundamental functions of financial markets, strategic marketing processes, human resource management, international negotiations, and business communication in the sense of best business practices
  • Raising international students’ academic and work ethics and motivations

Required condition for graduation

  • Required Credits : 45 credits
  • Thesis exemption, Exemption from foreign language qualification test, Exemption from major comprehensive exam
  • GPA 3.0
  • Completion of 6 Required Courses


  • The students are required to earn 45 credits over a period of 2 years (4 semesters).